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Chinatungsten Online (Xiamen) Manu. & Sales Corp. (CTOMS) has been always provided its best service towards all the clients, customer service is the sole of the company daily operation. Chinatungsten Online has implemented its service into customization, research and development, production and manufacture, packing and delivery of Stranded Tungsten Wires, includes every step of communication with customer about basic information of Stranded Tungsten Wires and how to order.

Stranded Tungsten Wires News, Price and Information Service
Provide all the customer with website about Stranded Tungsten Wires in various of language version which covers almost all the content about Stranded Tungsten Wires such as introduction, knowledge, academic research, patent, price, producing method, packing, delivery, national standard, testing method and equipment which helps customer to have a clear acknowledgement of Stranded Tungsten Wires.

Chinatungsten Online established network coordination department based on its accumulated information and statistics in the past 20 years which is responsible for getting contact with tungsten and molybdenum enterprises and professional consultants everyday to collect news, information and price trend of tungsten and molybdenum products. Chinatungsten Online provides customer with price and information service through the following methods:

1) Stranded Tungsten Wires website covers almost all the information of the product.

2)The news center of CTOMS provides latest news, price and marketing analysis/trend of tungsten/molybdenum products.

3)The site of China Tungsten Industry Association (CTIA) provides everyday news and info about tungsten industry, national macro-economic policies, industry information in and abroad. The website owned by CTIA, operated by Chinatungsten Online since 2000. We have been devoted to provided all the customers with free tungsten news, price and information which is the most authorizing, latest and the most comprehensive site of tungsten industry.

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