Three Special Types of Stranded Tungsten Wire

Stranded Tungsten Wires Picture

Single Stranded Tungsten Wire

Description: 0.5 mm diameter vacuum grade tungsten wire, 7.5 cm long, “V” is 18mm deep and 45° angle.

Triple Stranded Tungsten Wire

Description: vacuum grade tungsten wire, 0.5 mm diameter, 51mm long, 3½ turns, inside diameter 2.5mm, 7mm height.

Coiled Tungsten Wire

Description: 3-wire coiled tungsten filament, made of 0.63mm diameter wire, 101mm length, 6 coils 4.5cm ,6.3mm inside diameter of coil.

Types of Stranded Tungsten Wires

Sort Number of strands Diameter
Difference between 2 feet mm Inside diameter tolerance
Big heater element Small heater element
PIC 1 1-7 0.4-3.0 ±1mm ±0.3mm
PIC 2 2-3 0.4 -1.0 ±1mm ±0.3mm
PIC 3 2-7 0.4 -1.3 ±1mm ±0.3mm
PIC 4 2-5 0.4-1.0 ±2mm ±1mm ±0.3mm
PIC 5 2-5 0.4-1.0 ±1mm ±0.3mm
PIC 6 2-10 0.4-1.0 Several  stranded  coils ±0.3mm

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