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Stranded tungsten wire Heating Resistors Vacuum evaporation

Detailed information:

Stranded tungsten wires are used for vacuum spraying, ceramic coating, etc.

Sizes: Φ0.3~1.3mm×n (n≤5)

Number of strands: 1-5(strands)

YW: Single tungsten wire stranded
DW: Several the same diameter tungsten wires stranded equally
WL: Several the same diameter tungsten wires stranded equally with aluminium mandrel
WW: Several the same diameter tungsten wires stranded equally with tungsten mandrel

Diameter and shape are in accordance with customer’s needs.
The products can be supplied according to customers` requirements.

Vacuum Metalizing - VM Grade Tungsten Strand
VM grade tungsten wire, used in VM strand, is made by controlled processing techniques starting from the ore and continuing through doping and wiredrawing.  Highly purified tungsten oxide, which has been reduced to tungsten powder in pure hydrogen, is pressed into bars, sintered, and worked into wire.  The wire, drawn to size, is cleaned and stranded in various combinations as desired.  As a result, our high-purity doped strand is produced to provide a uniform and controlled recrystallization rate important in the vacuum-metalizing process.  The techniques allow achievement of a high number of flashes per coil by eliminating premature coil brittleness, distortion, and sag, the major causes of failure during reloading and processing.

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